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Amazon Purchases Goodreads, Sparks Concern

Amazon Purchases Goodreads Book site

Amazon announced late Thursday its plans to purchase Goodreads, a site where book-lovers can write book reviews, join groups based on their reading preferences, and connect with other people who share the same interests.  The website boasts over 16 million users; some of whom are concerned.

Goodreads was founded by Otis Chandler in 2007 with the idea that book-lovers everywhere could come in to the community and find and share books easier than ever.  Its features include shelves in which readers can put books in various categories such as ‘want to read’, ‘currently reading’, or ‘read’.

Reader’s can rate books, write reviews, and join communities of similar interests to discuss specific books and genres.  They can also update the exact page or percentage on current books they are reading.  It is a social network for book-lovers all over the country.

Amazon’s purchase of Goodreads has certainly not gone without notice.  Otis Chandler assures the Goodreads community that the site will continue to operate in the same fashion with minor changes.  Prior to the purchase of Goodreads, members had suggested integration into e-readers, and it looks like that this will be coming for Kindle owners in the near future.

Members are also reaching out to Chandler through responses to his Goodreads post.  There are currently over 1,800 comments.  Some of these comments express congratulations and hopes for the future, while others include disappointment at the purchase.  There are even some reviews that no longer have a profile attached because the user deleted their account.

Amazon Purchases Goodreads Users Mixed Reviews

The president of the Authors Guild, Scott Turow, was hardly shy with his response to Amazon’s purchase of Goodreads, stating that eliminating competitors before they become a threat is a textbook example of how a monoply is built.

Regardless of which side of the fence you stand, Amazon’s purchase of Goodreads is complete, and there is no going back.


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