Digital Entrepreneurialism: Is Being Over 18 A Requirement Or A Hindrance?

Digital Entrepreneurialism
Written by James C. Gammage

I’m an Old Guy. I’m not the most internet savvy guy you’re going to run into. Guys like me, we have a little problem with technological challenges and navigating the warrens of the internet, the ins and outs of social interaction via electronic impulses.

We awaken to find our society discussing things we don’t always know the definition of, like Tweeting (it has nothing to do with birds – who knew?), Pinterest (I assumed that was some sort of medieval torture device), and Raspberry Pi (I wanted Cool Whip with mine). In the past these things had entirely different meanings than the ones in current use. “Blackberries” were something you picked off of a thorny vine. Nowadays, “Blackberries” are a good bit crunchier, and harder to digest.

Those of us who lived those days have an entirely different set of definitions from the ones employed now. Yet what our intellect tells us, what we had already learned and thought we knew, we find ourselves needing a dictionary to decipher now. What our prior education tells us is no longer the only application in the modern age. Now there is a need for a new dictionary, one telling us what these terms mean to us today.

The modern world’s entrepreneur Tweets, connects on Facebook, makes use of Pinterest, and other social networking sites as part of their marketing strategy. In order to ride the crest of the wave, we must stay up to date with technological advancements that will benefit our businesses. We must understand how best to use such innovations as social networking in marketing. We must understand all these new definitions and the many uses available behind them in order to be more effective in the internet age. In order to do so, we must immerse ourselves in web based magazines such as Tekkek in order to gain the knowledge necessary to bring our businesses up to speed and keep them moving forward daily in all aspects.

So to answer my own question (that’s probably a sign of my tragically creeping dementia in itself) no. The answer is no, age is no barrier. Keep reading – we don’t have to be 18… we can be 80 and still “get it”. The oldest web-using business man I know is in his mid 70’s, but I don’t think the 80’s is pushing it. Read on. Explore the site. There’s something here for every one – even old curmudgeons like me.

About the author

James C. Gammage

James C. Gammage is an aspiring science fiction writer who also serves as part of the active duty US Army. He is currently working on a degree in clinical psychology and is an avid reader of all things science fiction.