Business Apps For Entrepreneurs On The Go (Infographic)

Business Apps For Entrepreneurs On The Go

If you’re an existing business owner you know how important time management is. It’s something that can mean the difference between having a productive day and completely wasting another, so we here at Tekkek thought it might behoove our readers to provide an infographic detailing the latest and greatest business apps for entrepreneurs on-the-go.

According to Desk, 85 percent of small business owners in the United States are using their smartphones to manage various aspects of their businesses — not really a huge surprise considering that there were nearly 128 million smartphones in operation in the U.S. as of February 2012.

So are you already using your smart device to manage daily operations? Take a look at the business apps infographic below, you may just find a few applications that make your days (and nights) a little easier.

Business Apps For Entrepreneurs On The Go

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