CEO of Facebook Rated Best Boss

Scoot over, suits! Hoodies are the new look in company top spots, or so say the employees of the world’s leading social media website. CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg was recently voted as the best boss to work for by his own employees in a Glassdoor.com poll.

Ninety-nine percent of Facebook employees love working for the 28-year-old, sweatshirt-donning, Harvard dropout who employed over 4,000 people in 2012. Although Glassdoor does not reveal numbers on how many people are polled, the reviews on the site speak for themselves. This is surprising to some, as the company’s stock and image in the eye of the mainstream have taken a dive since Facebook’s stock went public last May.

CEO of Facebook

Most of the 50 CEOs on the list are from financial firms and tech companies. Bill McDermot and Jim Hagemann Snabe of SAP made the number two slot (also at 99 percent) while Google’s Larry Page did not make the top ten.

The big surprise of the poll is CEO of Apple Tim Cook. Last year, after taking over for Apple founder Steve Jobs, Cook had an approval rating of 97 percent, and was voted number one CEO on Glassdoor. This year, Cook dropped to 18th place and his approval rating dropped four points.

From quite a few reviews, Facebook employees are not going to change their minds about their jobs, or the CEO of Facebook, any time soon.

One software engineer writes “It is good to work here with the smartest people in San Francisco bay area. The company is always moving fast.”

Others have expressed their love of the Facebook mission: making the world more connected.

To hear more on why they love their company so much, check out this cool video from the mouths of Facebook employees.

How would you rate your boss? What is it about him/her makes them better/worse than the CEO of Facebook. Maybe you should check out Glassdoor.com and rate your business and your boss!

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