Helping Others Through The Use Of Social Media

Helping Others, beremedy uses Facebook and Twitter to bring change

beremedy helping others

With the vast advancements of technology and social media of the last decade, helping others is now easier than ever.  One click of the mouse and we are connected to people, places, and ideas all over the world.  Using social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to increase community awareness is not only smart, but nearly essential in today’s fast paced world.

Blake Canterbury has done just that.  He is the founder of beremedy, a non-profit organization that has set out to help others not only in his own community, but around the country as well.  In 2009, Blake had an idea to use Facebook and Twitter, two of the highest ranked social media sites, to help those in need.  He wanted to give people the ability to access the needs of the community so that those who wanted to help, could.

The idea is simple.  Someone who wishes to help becomes connected through beremedy’s Facebook or Twitter, where they will receive updates from their community as they arise.  When someone either has a need or finds another person who needs help, a “need” request is made to beremedy and upon approval, a post is made on Facebook and Twitter.  From here, alerts are sent out to users who are connected to the either site.  Each person then has the ability to either forward to message to someone else or help out if they can.

This makes helping others easy!  Not only do you see what is needed, you know that it is going to use.

Currently, beremedy is based out of Atlanta, GA and has helped others in Bend, OR as well.  They have created an Indiegogo campaign to raise money to fund their next endeavor; new technology and the spread of beremedy to more communities around the United States.  Their goal is to reach $30,000 by April 10.  You can be a part of this movement too and become part of something bigger than just donating items to your local donation shops.  You too can ‘see the need. be the remedy.’ and begin helping others today!

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