Local Businesses Get A Boost With Boost Locals

Local Businesses Use Boost Locals to Build Competition

Many local businesses struggle to stay afloat against larger corporations.  Even while there are many groups who support their cities by buying local, small and medium businesses still struggle.  Larger corporations have the upper hand when it comes to the business world, with large financial backing and easily accessed products.

Local businesses want to help each other out, but how can they when sometimes they can barely keep their own stores open?  Boost Locals may be the answer.

Boost Locals is a concept that Chris Kelly has been working on for a while now, and this year, he quit his 15 year career in radio to pursue the dream of Boost Locals full time.  I was fortunate enough to ask Chris a few questions about Boost Locals and gain some more insight to his campaign.  While in radio, he “always had a passion for helping the local businesses” that he and his employer worked with.  When he was promoted, he lost the feeling that he was making a difference, so he walked away in pursuit of his dream.

My first thoughts on seeing the Boost Locals campaign really had me thinking that it was all about getting consumers to shop local, but it is so much more than that.  Yes, it takes consumers into consideration, but Boost Locals is more about helping the business succeed, which in turn will bring in more consumers.

Local businesses push for buying local, but that isn’t enough.  Chris Kelly’s primary objective for Boost Locals is to provide local businesses with marketing tools and techniques to help them stand a better fighting chance against the big corporations in their town.

Boost Locals is about empowering and networking the small and medium businesses in your city.

In his own words he said, “I want to create something for the little guy to stand tall with other little guys, so that the local pizzeria can help the local drug store to compete against the massive chain with a location on every corner, in turn, the drug store can help the pizzeria compete with the huge chain…”

I came across Chris’s Boost Locals campaign on a crowdfunding site called GoFundMe.  I was instantly intrigued by this idea and had to know more.  I wanted to get the word out there, to help him raise the money to reach his dream.  Luckily for him, Chris has already raised the funds via social media and previous connections but this is only the beginning for Boost Locals.

Many cities are already beginning to get in on Boost Locals, seeing it as an opportunity not only for the businesses, but for the communities themselves.  Four markets have been announced on the Boost Locals campaign: Boulder, Aurora, Northern Colorado (NoCo), and just recently Austin, Texas.  Chris also mentioned that he is in negotiations with other interested cities as well as a couple of states!

[one_half]Local Businesses Can Network Using Boost Locals[/one_half][one_half_last]Local Businesses Can Network Using Boost Locals[/one_half_last]

If you’re a local business owner looking to add your city to the list of would just like more information, you can contact Chris through Boost Locals or Chris Kelly Media.



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