TeePublic: Crowdfunding For The T-Shirt Designer

TeePublic Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding supports people’s ideas, dreams, and ambitions by bringing people together for a similar cause and raising money for that cause.  You can find a crowdfunding group for applications, charities, inventions, books, and even art.

So it’s no surprise that a crowdfunding site for making t-shirts has been created.  Josh Abramson, the founder of Busted Tees as well as the co-founder of College Humor and Vimeo, launched the site three weeks ago.  The idea to create a crowdfunding site for t-shirts came to him when he noticed that there were a lot of great t-shirt ideas that were not getting picked up by other companies.

TeePublic Crowdfunding

Websites like Threadless have a competition to decide on t-shirt designs, but the final decision goes to the editors as to which shirts get printed.   Tee Fury’s shirts sell for only 24 hours and once the time is up, they cannot be purchased from the site again.

So Abramson’s idea was TeePublic.  Designer’s submit their work to the site and then the race begins!  People can view the designs and choose whether or not they would like to see it stay on the site permanently.

Someone who is interested in a specific design pledges $20 towards it.  If the shirt receives 30 or more interested buyers in a month, those who pledged the money get the shirt they paid for , and the shirt says on the site.  However, if the shirt does not get 30 donations, those who donated are only charged a penny, and the shirt is taken down.

There are currently 25 shirts that are fully funded on the site after three weeks.  Some of these include The Kiss and Leaf On The Wind.

Crowdfunding is an excellent way to make projects become a reality for many people.  If you have tried unsuccessfully to have your designs printed on a shirt, TeePublic may be the answer for you!

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