3Doodler Kickstarter Campaign Raised Over $2.3 Million Dollars

3doodler 3D Printer Pen Kickstarter

If you have a great idea but lack the money to support it, Kickstarter is a great way to raise funds.  The site has had many successful campaigns, and 3Doodler is one that has brought a lot of attention.

If you aren’t familiar with what 3Doodler is, let me tell you in a nutshell.  It’s a pen that uses the same type of ABS plastic that 3D printers use.  You start by creating a base on paper (so your design will stand) and then you draw in the air!  Anything you can imagine, you can draw with the 3Doodler.

3Doodler’s crowdfunding campaign was launched on Kickstarter on February 19 with a funding goal of $30,000.  The first day alone the project raised over $340,000!  The second day brought in over $650,000!  By the time the campaign ended on March 25, the total money raised on Kickstarter for the 3Doodler was $2,344,134.

3Doodler: The World's First 3D Printing Pen -- Kicktraq Mini

Do you suddenly find yourself wanting a 3Doodler?  The 3Doodler Kickstarter campaign may be over, but you can still pre-order one from the company’s website.

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