Entrepreneur Start-Up Flowchart (Infographic)

Entrepreneur Flowchart
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Ah, the entrepreneurial dream.

Starting a successful company is something most of us dream about and some of us obsess over, perhaps even to extremes (I have a friend that spent nearly a year indoors trying to launch an internet-based business to no avail.)

Start-ups can be extremely fulfilling or they can leave us high and dry with an expression not too dissimilar from that of a rabbit caught in oncoming traffic… without pants.

Entrepreneurs know that risk is essential for success, and they know that the road less traveled is one fraught with pot holes and pit stops, but nonetheless they push forward.

Here’s a fun infographic that attempts to take us on a tour of that road, showcasing all the good and bad necessary stops along the way to launching a business or product.

Are you interested in starting a company? Have you designed the next coat hanger or toaster oven? Check out this infographic:

Entrepreneur Infographic Start-Up Flowchart

What are your thoughts? Do bootstrapping entrepreneurs have other options when it comes to successfully launching an idea from inception to final product?

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