Water Bottle Nava Flushing Out Disposable Water Bottles

Water Bottle Nava Seeks To Flush Out Disposable Water Bottles

Are you tired of purchasing bottled water when you know you’re getting ripped off? Fret no more, KOR Water, a California-based lifestyle brand, is developing the Nava reusable water bottle (a.k.a. the “bottled water killer”) for all you thirsty kiddos who would rather drink from a stylish, eco-friendly spout than throw money away or contribute to environmental pollution.

The KOR team has been developing the KOR Nava for the past 18 months and is currently gearing up for production of their flagship product after having tirelessly spent hundreds of hours researching, designing, prototyping, and testing the final iteration.

To develop a wider range of support and generate a marketing fund for the Nava, KOR launched a month-long Kickstarter campaign on Monday with a goal of $50,000.

As of today, only two full days after going live, the campaign’s total pledges equal $42,651.

Water Bottle KOR Nava

So what makes Nava so special?

From the water bottle’s hinged cap down to its cushioned base, it’s clear no detail was overlooked.

  • The KOR design team tested over a dozen mouthpieces before settling on one with just the right ergonomic aspects.
  • Nava’s filter is developed from pure coconut shells converted in to activated carbon, providing a healthy filter that makes water taste great — a big difference from standard coal-based filters.

The Nava water bottle isn’t only about having a superbly designed hydration vessel, it’s also about sending a message to consumers regarding the importance of clean water and how it affects not only human health, but also environmental health.

Tiffany Payakniti, a KOR representative, had this to say in an interview, “[KOR Nava] is more about our message of water resonating with people worldwide… than anything else.”

KOR is passionate about environmental sustainability and hopes to make a difference by developing products like the Nava which support a more responsible lifestyle.

Design wasn’t something taken lightly during the development of the Nava water bottle. If you haven’t already, head on over to KOR’s Kickstarter page and check it out for yourself.

Twenty-dollar early bird specials are all gone, but if you would like to pick up a Nava for yourself a pledge of $35 or more will snag you a first production run model with filter. If you like to be different, KOR is offering custom-printed Nava water bottles for pledges exceeding $150.

So, who’s picking up a KOR Nava hydration vessel? I have several water bottles in my cupboard, but nothing that compares to the Nava. I’m grabbing mine early on while I can and doing my part to support a cleaner, healthier environment.

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