Pebble Inspired Kickstarter Campaign Raises Quick Funding

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The Pebble Kickstarter campaign raised over $10 million dollars last year.  This year, a new Pebble related project has been created.  It is quite possibly the first product created for a product on Kickstarter that was also funded on Kickstarter.

One of the great things about Pebble, is the fact that the straps are designed to be replaced with most 22mm wide straps, making accessorizing easy.

The product is called Wide Body, and it is created by a company called Utensile.  The Wide Body is a strap made for the Pebble watch.  The idea came from Jason Hillbourne, who closely followed the Pebble Kickstarter campaign and saw the opportunity to create wider straps for Pebble as an accessory for men whom prefer a manlier wrist look.

In order to create the wider strap, which is 30mm instead of the standard 22mm, the straps had to be custom made.

The Wide Body team began developing the accesory before Pebble released the 3D CAD model of the device after the Kickstarter campaign launch, but as soon as the file was given to the public, it was downloaded by Utensile and 3D printed.  Since then, Jason and the Utensile team have been hard at work creating a sturdy and wide watch strap for Pebble.

The Wide Body currently comes in four styles.

  • Two colors in silicone: black and white.
  • Two colors in leather: black and brown.

The campaign still has 23 days left, and,  as of writing this post, they have raised nearly 50% of their overall goal.  Needless to say, the idea of a wider strap for the Pebble really seems to have taken off!

If you don’t own a Pebble, but find yourself wanting one, they are still for pre-order on the Pebble website.  In conjunction with Pebble, funding and obtaining a Wide Body watch strap from Kickstarter could be a very nice gift for yourself or someone in your life.

Here is Wide Body’s latest campaign achievements:

WIDE BODY: straps for Pebble -- Kicktraq Mini

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