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Sarah Hanson isn’t your average 19 year old college student.  With one year under her belt she’s come to the realization that college isn’t for her.  She already knows what she wants to do, and she’s already started doing it.

web developer female entrepreneur Sarah Hanson Senior Living Map

She’s a developer and entrepreneur, creator of Senior Living Map; a site dedicated to locating all senior and assisted living centers for those who need it.

The idea came from her own personal experience of having to find assisted living for her own grandmother.

“It was an awful experience and one that led me to create a map based senior living search engine, Senior Living Map,” Sarah wrote on her 32auctions page where she reached out to investors to help fund her start-up.

Sarah knew that finding investors would be difficult.  After all, she is 19 and soon to be a college drop-out.  But she believes in her site, which she coded herself.  She also believes in herself, that she will make this happen, and she wants to devote her full time to it.

First she sought out 1,000 potential investors on angel.co and sent them messages detailing her plan.  Then, along with posting her pitch on 32auctions, she promised the investor 10% of her profits for the next 10 years.

I can see a need for this type of market and so did the investor who won the bid for $125,000.

Sarah wants the site to become a place for people to turn to when they need help choosing assisted living facilities for their loved ones.  She plans to continue to develop the site for the best possible user experience, including the ability for others to post pictures and testimonials.

Senior Living Map Sarah Hanson Female Entrepreneur and Web Developer

It looks like Sarah is headed for success with Senior Living Map and any future endeavors she might embark on.  She’s an inspiration for female entrepreneurs everywhere.

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