Small Businesses Could Earn Major Ad Revenue For Facebook

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Only a small fraction of small business revenue go towards online advertising right now, but Facebook hopes to change that. There’s more than 2 billion connections on Facebook between people and small businesses, and business Pages get roughly 645 million views and approximately 13 million comments every week.

It seems the major challenge for the social media giant is educating small business owners and simplifying its ad tools for those that are less tech savvy. Small Businesses Facebook Boost CampaignLaunched in 2011 in conjunction with the National Federation of Independent Business and the United States Chamber of Commerce, Facebook’s small business education program is moving toward its next phase of entrepreneur education.

On Saturday, Facebook’s small business team took to the street in Dixon, Illinois to bring Facebook’s message to small business owners and raise awareness of Facebook’s advertising platform and the impact it can have for smaller organizations.

Larger companies currently dominate Facebook’s ad business, but it’s mainly due to larger organizations having funds available to dedicate to online marketing efforts and teams to manage them.

But Facebook hopes that the current landscape will change with two major shifts. The first is an aggressive push from Facebook to implement a new advertisement tool featuring one-click targeting and auto-optimized A/B testing. The second is more user dependent, but statistics support Facebook’s theory – small business owners are increasingly becoming more tech literate as can be seen by current analytics:

  • Approximately 15 million small businesses have their own Facebook Pages
  • Facebook’s Page Manager Applications is used by some 8 million businesses
  • Promoted Posts have been paid for by 300,000 Pages
  • 2.5 million posts have been promoted since the feature became available

Facebook is hoping that more small businesses utilize the network’s ad features, and the numbers so far show continual growth. Do you use

Facebook advertising? Let us know what if any changes Facebook needs to make to improve upon its ad platform’s success.

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