Smartphone Breathalyzer Inventors Inspired By Real Life

Statistics on drinking and driving give the idea for a new smartphone app.
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Smartphones are a versatile tool, and something that many say they cannot do without.  Make phone calls, use the internet, and, of course, the every growing selection of apps.  But thanks to two young men, the smartphone has yet another use; to help people know when they are too drunk to drive.

In 2001, Israeli Ben Biron left the military and traveled to the US as a college student.  He discovered that more Israeli service members died from drunk driving than combat, and once he started school, the worries about drinking and driving did not get any better — with good reason, in 2011, drunk driving caused 9,878 fatalities in the U.S.  Biron and another former member of the Israeli military, Jonathan Ofir, decided to find a way for smartphone users to determine when they were too drunk to drive.

The result was Alcohoot.  An app which uses a wireless attachment to determine the user’s blood alcohol content, using the same standards as breathalyzers in the United States.  In addition, the app will let you know the locations and phone numbers of alternate transportation and restaurants, all to help keep you from being on the road and avoid the dangers of drinking and driving.

The developers are off to a good start.  They have developed a prototype of the smartphone wireless attachment, to demonstrate the use of the app, and have secured $100,000 from New York businessman Caleb Koeppel.  His son, Max Koeppel, has also joined Biron and Ofir as a partner in Alcohoot.  The company is currently working on securing more funding to develop a better version of the attachment, with a longer-lasting sensor than the prototype.  Following that, they will seek FDA approval and a U.S. patent.  The device is already available for preorder on the company’s website.

People often carry their smartphones with them; it has become a necessary accessory because of it’s wide variety of uses.  And thanks to two enterprising young men, it will soon have another, very important, use.

Want to learn more about Alcohoot?  Check out this video!

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