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Beer Giant Giving Even More To Small Businesses

Beer Brewer expands program to help small businessowners
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When it comes to making beer, Samuel Adams is an easily recognizable name.  Known for tasty lagers and seasonal beers, the company also has a reputation of giving back to small businesses — and this year, they are expanding the giving efforts to reach more businesses than ever before.

Beer Brewer expands program to help small businessownersThrough the Raise A Pint, Brew A Dream program, Samuel Adams will donate five cents of every draft lager sold at participating locations to their Brewing The American Dream program until May 31.  Launched in 2008, the program offers small loans and speed mentoring to small businesses in the hospitality, food, and beverage industries.  As loans are paid back, that money is filtered back into the program’s funding account — which has helped 230 small businesses so far.

Samuel Adams has partnered with Accion, a U.S. nonprofit moneylender, to help with the program.  They hope to raise $1 million to put toward their efforts.

In addition to offering microloans to businesses, Samuel Adams is planning on expanding its speed mentoring, an expansion that began last year.  Participating communities will also have access to an online support community, furthering assistance efforts.

Don’t like beer, but want to support the cause?  Not a problem!  Accion is also taking donations through its website. If you do donate online, make sure to choose “other” in the designation field, and write in “Brewing The American Dream.”

Interested in finding out if you can qualify for a loan?  Head over to the Samuel Adams website and apply (please note you must be 21 or older to visit the website).

With problems in the economy today and uncertainties facing small businesses, it is nice to know that there are larger companies who not only remember where they came from, but are willing to give back.

So the next time you are out for a few rounds, grab a pint of Samuel Adams and have a toast dedicated to entrepreneurs — that beer may very well help fund someone’s dream.


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