College Student’s Laundry Service Garnering Big Interest

College Student Laundry Business
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By now some of you have heard about Jeremy Young, a college student who attended an entrepreneurship club on a whim as a sophomore and went on to launch a successful new business called HillFresh Laundry. But if you are not yet a subscriber to Entrepreneur Magazine, you may have missed the full page article this business has warranted.

College Student Entrepreneur HillFresh Laundry

Jeremy Young, HillFresh Co-Founder

Inspired by a club for innovators, Jeremy pitched an idea for a student run laundry service. College is a hectic experience for most new students, and sometimes between classes, homework, projects, and just a little bit of partying, the whole laundry thing can get away from them.

We all hear about it. The kid who comes home on breaks with a trunk full of dirty clothes to wash at their parents’ house; the frantic rushing around looking for socks because a big company is coming to scout for new talent, and the college student managed to get their best suit ready, put a decent knot in their tie, but somehow forgot that one small detail…

Or the kid who just left home and is now standing in front of a washing machine looking lost because they have never done laundry before and there are too many buttons and dials on the machine for the uninitiated.

HillFresh was designed by college students to solve these problems, offering a range of services all designed to make student life easier. You sign up for their services, and once a week, they wash, dry, and fold your clothes and deliver them back to you the next day. In a brilliant move, HillFresh also added the REFRESH option — a one-time use service for college students who may have fallen behind and are now staring at a mountain of laundry.

They offer exemplary customer service, refusing to “batch-wash” clothes and offering “free and clear” detergents for students with allergies. And for the student that slept in late and missed the pick-up, they provide a phone number that will have a driver appear on your doorstep to personally pick up your clothes so you don’t miss out on a week’s worth of clean laundry. As far as their achievements go, these college students have donated a portion of their profits to the very club that got them started, hoping to encourage future entrepreneurs to follow in their successful footsteps.

HillFresh has received attention before, but with the attention of Entrepreneur Magazine and USA Today, this college student is setting up a legacy that will survive long after he himself graduates from Hamilton College.  In fact, there may even be a hint that HillFresh will expand to other colleges across the country.  Jeremy Young has become an Entrepreneur to watch out for in the future, and I for one expect big things to come from him!

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