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New UPS Main Street Program Helps Small Rural Businesses

The new UPS Main Street program brings new locations to new areas

With its reputation as a reliable delivery service and recognizable brown and yellow trucks, UPS is one of the most well-known shippers in the United States.  However, the cost of franchising and running a UPS location has kept the company out of many rural areas, meaning that some small businesses must travel to ship or look elsewhere to meet their needs.  However, the new UPS Main Street program looks to change that.

The program is designed to lower the cost of opening a UPS store in more rural areas, dropping the franchise fee by $20,000.  It also offers lower operating costs and more flexible operations to accommodate customers in those areas.

The New UPS Main Street lowers costs and increases flexibility to expand to more rural areas.Chris Adkins, the vice president of franchise development for UPS, says that this is a perfect mix of what is important for small businesses.

“We have heard firsthand from our small business customers how important it is for them to support their local communities.  Our Main Street model can help make sure small businesses in rural locations have access to the products, services and support they need,” he said.

The services offered go beyond just shipping.  Partnerships with other companies allow UPS customers discounts with several other companies like Chase and Kabbage, further helping to build and support small businesses.  UPS is also working with small businesses to help them solve issues that arise, instead of just shipping their packages.



The UPS Main Street program has helped the company ear the support of SCORE, an organization that is dedicated to the growth of small business.

With the idea of becoming more accessible to small businesses and helping them grow, the UPS Main Street program looks to be an exciting new program.  By combining their well-known delivery service and useful business solutions, it looks like this could be something that could help many small businesses grow.

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