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Keen Home Introduces Smart Air Vents On Indiegogo

Have you ever found an invention that makes you smack your forehead and ask, “Well, why didn’t I think of that?” The new smart air vents listed by Keen Home on will probably do the same thing to many companies out there.

Their idea? To turn your air vents into smart air vents that open or close when you want them to. No more standing on a stool or chair or whatever happens to be under the vent to open and close them in rooms that get more heating and cooling than others. No going upstairs after a long day roasting in your house — that can’t seem to stay cool — only to find that you need a thermal blanket to sleep in your bedroom.


Instead, you buy a vent. No really, a vent. This is a special vent that is connected to a wireless network between it and any others connected to the network. The vent system then links to a website you can log on to and set up what rooms you want to receive full ventilation and at what times.

So if you are going to be awake until 10 at night with work and kids, et cetera, and there is no reason to cool your bedroom for those many hours it lies empty, you tell the system. Then, at 10 at night, the vents open and your room gets all the benefit of your HVAC system that would otherwise be wasted during the day.

One of the best features of this system is easy installation. There is no tearing out old ducting, there is no running new wiring. You take a screwdriver, pop out your old vent, pop in the new smart air vent and log on to Keen Home’s website.

Keen Home Introduces Smart Air Vents System On IndiegogoLet’s delve in to the science behind this for just a second. Your poor HVAC system can only produce a set amount of airflow. That airflow enters the vent system and is divided evenly to every room, in theory.

It never works out that way. The rooms closer to the initial airflow source will receive better ventilation, this is basic physics if you can remember your high school days. So you end up with hot rooms and cold rooms. Now block off one of the rooms closer to the air source, and presto! The air that didn’t manage to escape into that room is now going to the other, and more used, rooms in the house, like the living room or kitchen.

Now, also think about the energy side of this. Your thermostat is what tells your HVAC system to turn off and on. What happens if your thermostat is located in a “hot room?” The AC has trouble managing to cool off that room, which means the sensor hardly ever trips to turn off your HVAC. The cost of an air conditioning system running constantly is astronomical. In fact, it can cost hundreds of dollars per month for a small house alone.


As of right now, the Keen Home smart air vent system Indiegogo campaign is at $10,000 of its $40,000 goal with 29 days left in the campaign. So if you think this is a brilliant idea and want a system of your very own, go to and donate. If you donate a certain amount, you will receive one of the first systems when this goes in to production.




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