Matterform’s New 3D Scanner Finishes Crowdfunding Campaign

The Photon closes out crowdfunding
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Sleek, smooth, fast, and easy to handle. Sounds like a really good sports car, doesn’t it?

What if I told you it was Matterform’s new 3D scanner, the Photon, that will hit the consumer market sometime next year?

At the close of the 3D scanner’s incredible run on the popular crowdfunding site, it reached 582 percent of the $81,000 goal set in March with an astounding final total of $471,082.

Looking at the product it’s no wonder why it generated such a positive response.

Matterform is a new company co-founded by Drew Cox and Adam Brandejs, the two geniuses behind the ground-up creation of the Photon. They designed everything about the scanner from the hardware to the software. Drew Cox is a self-proclaimed mad scientist (best job ever) who has been a professional programmer, artist, and graphic designer. Adam Brandejs is a programmer who has done just about everything from robotics and advertising, to sculpting artwork that has toured the world. With such a widespread (and slightly eclectic) skill set between the two of them, they managed to create the Photon. 3D image after scanning figurine

Right now on the market, if you were to buy a new 3D scanner, you would spend anywhere from $2,500 to $25,000 or more. Not something an average enthusiast would be able to afford, right? The Photon is an incredible machine that promises to be the first truly affordable 3D scanner.

The latest specs on the Photon state a resolution on a 4 inch figurine to be 0.43mm @ 0.5 degree scans, with an accuracy of +/- .2mm. And looking at the pictures they have posted, it’s incredible to see the tiny details of objects scanned appearing on a computer screen. Some of their more focused fans have already borrowed the beta scans Matterform provided and used that data on their own personal printers to see how the scanner would stand up to testing. The results were incredible and photos were immediately posted on the Matterform website. With its gorgeous futuristic design, space-efficient size, and high performance, these two gentlemen have something that will really wow the world when it becomes available to buy.

The video below will display how incredibly easy it is to use the Photon. Not everyone is tech-savvy enough to use the latest gadgets and gizmos, but the Photon claims to be as easy as placing an object on the scanner and clicking go. With $471, 082 to start up the production line, Matterform’s new 3D scanner will hit the ground running.

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