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Mobile Project Management Tool ProofHub Lets You Run Your Business On The Go

Project Management Tool ProofHub Lets Your Business Go Completely Mobile

With so many forms of communication available, sometimes it can be difficult to get your whole team on the same page, especially if not all of them work at a centralized location. There are other communication methods out there, but a project management tool called ProofHub may be looking to leave all of them in the dust with its release of a mobile version.

Instead of trying to remember every person that needs to be cc’d on every e-mail sent relating to a project, wouldn’t it be easier to have a centralized and secure place to keep all communications? And for those of you who get inspiration anywhere and anytime, how awesome would it be to pick up your phone and send that idea to your entire team at once, get feedback immediately, and add to project data without having to boot up your computer? This is what ProofHub is offering.

Project Management Tool ProofHub Makes Big Projects Easy To Manage

ProofHub offers many different tools essential to any project. The to-do list function lets you set milestones and assign deadlines for group and individual tasks. It also lets you send automatic notifications on a due date and pushes reminders 48 hours prior to the deadline. Decide who sees what information with Casper mode. Assign tasks. Manage people, share files, and discuss ideas.

ProofHub is accessed directly from your smartphone’s browser, and works on most mobile devices. Subscribers can enroll in a free plan that allows users to access one project with a limit of 250MB of data, or they can go all-out for unlimited projects and 80GB of storage at $149 per month. Every plan includes unlimited users, a proofing tool, in-browser chat, milestones, and time tracking. Once the account has been set up, the user can invite people, companies, or groups to projects. In short, as project head, you have the power to monitor and manage as many projects as you choose.

Keeping an eye on multiple projects in one centralized location saves time, effort, and money, and ensures you have instant access to all the data involved in a project. So if this project management tool seems like something you could use, give it a try. You have nothing to lose with the 30-day free trial option. Test it out, see if it can boost your productivity, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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