Product Launches: Tips For Putting Yourself Out There

Product Launches Like This One From Beats Take Planning

Product launches — any time you have one ready to roll out, you’re going to get butterflies. There will be a current of uncertainty running through your bloodstream that says, “You’re asking these people for money, are you insane!? They’re going to hate you when they pay and then don’t end up liking your product.”

It’s something that every entrepreneur goes through, but it’s also something that all have to get over if they want to be successful. Putting yourself out there is hard, but here are some tips for dealing with the stress:

One: Perfect The Product Before Release Day

This may seem like a deceptive piece of advice on the surface because few, if any, products are truly perfect. Anything and everything can be improved upon. So why are we telling you to perfect the product before launch?

Because it’s necessary to do everything that you can to turn out a great product before pushing it out on the masses. Take your average bestseller. Before it hits store shelves, it’s been plotted out and written by a quality writer, handed off to a professional editor (or a team of editors) to catch any flaws in structure/syntax/spelling/grammar.

Even then, there is the occasional typo or misprint, and it’s often caught by someone with a much lower reading level than the individuals who put the book together.

Customers can forgive a few minor flaws or mistakes provided the product is a good-faith effort to get things right. If you’re more stressed after release than you were before, then that isn’t a good sign. When it comes time to put yourself out there, you should be certain you’ve done the best you can do, and that the product will solve many of your customers’ problems.

Two: Do Not Undersell.

While it can seem scarier slapping a higher price on your product, it’s usually better to sell high than low. Not only will a higher price point allow for a greater profit margin, but it will also motivate you to identify the core problems your customers struggle with during the development stages. Identifying these problems and working hard to build a product that addresses them will ensure your product is the very best it can be before launch date.

Furthermore, a higher price point will allow you to test the market. It’s always easier to start high and reduce a price later than it is to start low and raise prices once customers have seen behind the Emerald Curtain.

Three: Listen To Your Customers.

Most product launches are works in progress. The quicker you understand that launch day is only a small part of making your product a success, the better off you’ll be.

Commit to a dialogue with your customers. Listen to what they like and what they don’t like, and allow that information to guide you down further paths of product development. Even when the product has issues, quality customer service can take those issues and turn them into assets provided that you’re responding to them in an appropriate manner and showing your customers that you care.

What tips and suggestions do you have for ensuring successful product launches?

[Image of Beats Product Launch Party via Flickr Creative Commons]

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