Facebook Business Pages: How Not To Run Yours

Facebook Business Pages, In The Wrong Hands, Can Be Disastrous

By now, most businesses realize that they need Facebook business pages if they are to look and act like businesses of the 21st Century. Unfortunately, many of the resulting pages suffer from the same thing that company websites did at the dawn of the Internet age: they’re stagnant and never used for anything besides the company simply stating, “Like us on Facebook.”

Followers expect more from a social media account, and as a business owner, you would be wise to give it to them. While the following observations pertain directly to Facebook, they can also apply to Twitter and Google+. Just make sure that if you’re guilty of any of this, stop it right now.

One: You Never Update.

This is probably the biggest mistake that companies make with their Facebook business pages. They set one up and then treat it like it’s a novelty. Not smart. Virtually every customer that you have will at some point start a Facebook page. By not giving them something they can sink their teeth in to, you’ll just be forgotten. You don’t simply grow a following by sending pleas to the people that you know and talk to every day. You give them something worth sharing, or else it’ll just come across as Like-spamming.

Two: You Don’t Update With Anything Relevant.

Your business account is your business account. Your personal account is your personal account. If you sell shoes or crafts, why does it matter to your customers that you like spaghetti and hate Obama? It doesn’t. There’s a time and a place for that, and for the sake of professionalism, it’s best to keep this stuff off your Facebook business pages. True entrepreneurs and business owners want to maximize revenue and reach a sizable amount of customers, many of whom may share different beliefs. Offending or annoying someone is a sure way to create a liability instead of a customer.

Three: You Don’t Give Your Followers Anything Worth Sharing.

As we said above, growing your following requires more than simple begging. It means giving your followers something worth sharing.

What NOT to post: the same link over and over again to your business website.

What TO post: News articles that are relevant and interesting to the core of your business are best. If you have an original blog post, even better! If you have special offers to get customers in your door, awesome!

One colleague manages a social media page for a local Chipotle-esque burrito restaurant. One day, he posted a link to a picture of the biggest burrito in the world and got a lot of shares and new page likes as a result. Another day, it was Free Cheese Dip Monday. Whenever he posts, Likers have a reason to share. Here are some more tips on how to grow your reach:

That’s how social media operates, and how you’ll need to handle it if you want your Facebook business pages to experience continued growth.

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