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Tomorrow Lab: How You Make Your Ideas Reality

Tomorrow Lab Gets The Job Done For Small Businesses

Tomorrow Lab is featured as one of the digital disrupters in the February issue of Entrepreneur Magazine. The product design firm takes lead among the six key innovators that are changing the way business is handled with new advancements in technology. 

Who uses Tomorrow Lab?

The company serves startups in search of venture capital or Kickstarter funding. With a successful team of engineers powering its development services, Tomorrow Lab is able to bring a number of business ideas from concept to working prototype for a fraction of what it would cost companies to do it themselves.

Some examples set forth in the article include AdhereTech and Buca Boot.

Product Innovation

AdhereTech’s concept is a “smart” pill bottle meant for alerting users via phone and text messaging that medication needs to be taken, with the ultimate end-goal being that customers no longer miss doses of potentially life-saving drugs.

(As a guy with cholesterol problems, this is certainly a device from which I could benefit, and I’m just 34 years old. God help me when I’m 70.)

Tomorrow Lab took “an ugly prototype of an orange pill bottle with some wires” and turned it into an aesthetically pleasing device that immediately made sense to healthcare professionals, said AdhereTech CEO Josh Stein.

As for Buca Boot, a locking trunk for bicycle protection, Tomorrow Lab’s design and engineering expertise led to Kickstarter fundraising in excess of $90,000.

In comments to Entrepreneur, Tomorrow Lab partner Dean DiPietro said TL’s passion is “in objects and tinkering and hacking to make things work, and we also know that good design is part of the solution.”

Here’s the full digital edition of the February Entrepreneur if you want to meet more of the digital disrupters or read more on Tomorrow Lab. If you’ve got an idea that needs execution, you can also check out the company’s official website here.

In Summary

If you’ve ever had a great idea for a product but can’t afford to do it yourself (and wouldn’t even know where to start), then you may want to check out Tomorrow Lab’s services. Regardless, one thing is certain: technology has changed how products generally come to market. While it may have happened at the expense of low-level jobs, “digital disrupters” are making it easier for dreamers to take action.

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