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Productivity Apps Spotlight: IdeaJot

IdeaJot Breaks New Ground In Productivity Applications
Written by Aric Mitchell

Productivity apps are a bit of a pastime for us around here, and so we always like to keep users apprised of new platforms that might help manage the workload and cultivate great ideas. If you are looking for a way to bring your team members together, even when they’re in different locations, then you might consider IdeaJot, now in beta testing, as a new source for remote project management.

IdeaJot is founded on the belief that everyone is capable of having a great idea. As a place for these ideas, it is designed as a secure cross-browser platform allowing users to capture and develop the very best they have to offer. 

“From the first spark of inspiration to a completed presentation, IdeaJot will help you define your vision and turn it into something real,” the company states on their website. “The mission of IdeaJot is to make sure each of your ideas are protected and given a chance at making a difference in the world.” 

The IdeaJot platform will work in its entirety no matter what browser you’re using, and it’s even compatible with phones and tablets in addition to home computers.

“As the IdeaJot platform develops, the various innovators … will make it better,” the company states. “The open API will allow users to create and publish their own custom tools to develop their ideas. This expansive capability means that as IdeaJot is adopted, it will also be adapted to all forms and methods of innovation,” which should also keep costs low once it moves out of beta. 

If you’re interested in trying out IdeaJot for your home or business, just provide a first and last name and an email address at this link

Want to see it in action? Look here: <iframe src=”//″ width=”500″ height=”281″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

When it comes to productivity apps, particularly those in the project management department, what do you look for as “must-have” features? Share your thoughts in our comments section below.

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