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GameFly Movies: Video Games-By-Mail Service Expands

GameFly Movies Launches Next Month
Written by Aric Mitchell

GameFly movies are now a reality

Users have been requesting a movie rental service for a while now, and the company is finally delivering with a service that allows gamers to queue up the DVD and Blu-ray Discs they most want to see in addition to whatever games they have coming. 

If you already have a GameFly account, there will be no need to do anything further. You can start adding movies to your wish list right now, and they will begin shipping on April 4.

According to the company website, the program is now in beta testing, and they will be watching it closely for further expansion. 

Currently, you have to be signed up on the two-game-per-month option ($22.95 monthly) to be eligible, and the movies will be essentially treated as games in the sense that whatever is next in your GameQ — movie or game — will be sent and counted toward your two-at-a-time total.

The announcement is a bit of good news for the company, which could have used it around this time last year when they were laying off 15 percent of their staff

Reasons given at the time were to align itself “better to existing console and digital games markets.” 

The fact that they’re now adding another by-mail service to the mix will certainly have naysayers questioning their “sky is falling” idea that digital would reshape, and essentially kill, hard-copy subscription models like this and Netflix.

And speaking of Netflix, the company got its own taste of what their DVD-by-mail service meant to subscribers when they tried to spin it off into the ill-fated Qwikster a few years back. That event continues to be a lesson in how not to handle an expansion. 

For now, the GameFly movies program is a smart way to test interest before doing something to drastically shake up their core business model. While Netflix rebounded nicely from doing the opposite, it lost around $250 per share in a little over a year thanks to the misstep.

Do you think the GameFly movies idea is a wise one, or should they instead stick with what they know? Share your thoughts in our comments section below.

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