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You can’t be a successful entrepreneur without taking risks every now and then, but at the same time, you shouldn’t take unnecessary risks due to lack of preparation. In addition to rehearsing your presentation and studying your partner, making a successful business deal depends heavily on how the person on the other end of the table expects you to act.

When you’re reaching out to someone else to provide your small business with support and resources, you have to make them feel comfortable not just with you and your brand, but with the negotiation itself. Across North America, what’s considered acceptable business behavior varies — not just from country to country, but through different regions as well.

If you’re responsible, you’ll already know all about your business partner going into a meeting. A wise entrepreneur takes that information and translates it into something usable. By knowing where a partner is from or where they do business, you can know whether or not to dress the part or focus more on your pedigree than your current accomplishments.[GARD]


Keeping track of all the regional differences of business etiquette can be complicated, but at least as far as North America is concerned, we’ve got the facts you need. From the Yukon down to Mexico, this graphic, provided by , will tell you what you need to know about conducting business just like the big companies.

Entrepreneur Etiquette


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